Professor Kirt Witte's HDRI-related list of URLs:




SIGGRAPH 2008 Course "HDRI for Artists"

SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 "HDRI for Artists"



SCAD Visual Effects Department (Official Site)



(Selected Siggraph Course Notes)

High Dynamic Range Imaging FAQ and Tips & Tricks (73-pages) ---- UPDATED!!!

How to shoot a Chrome Ball

Standard F-Stop Chart

Bracketing Chart (for 1 f-stop and 2 f-stop brackets)

How to post your HDRs on the internet ( by Christian Bloch - EdenFX )

Smart IBL ( by Christian Bloch - EdenFX )

mental ray HDRI FAQ ( by Master "Zap" Andersson - mental images )

Maya mental ray render layers setup ( by Brendan Fitzgerald )





High Dynamic Range Imaging - Information Sheets

(Misc handouts relating to HDRI)



High Dynamic Range Imaging ( H D R I )

The HDRI Handbook (new version coming soon!)

The basics of HDR (Image-base modeling, lighting, and HDRshop) (HDRshop) (LightGen Plug-in)

Rendermania HDR info (BMRT)

Industrial Light & Magic's - OpenEXR format

Spheron ( SpheroCam HDR )

Dosch HDRs (Stock HDRs for sale)

PhotoSphere - (the first and only high dynamic-range image browser for Mac OS X.)

Essential HDR (Tonemapping)

openRAW Format (organization)

Digital Grey Card

High Dynamic Range Imaging (text book)

"Aperture" by Apple (HDR File editing/mgt)

Adobe "LightRoom" RAW editing/mgt software

Brightside Technologies 16-bit monitors

How does a Chrome Ball work?

Dr. Erik Reinhard's website

Cambridge HDR Tutorial


Open Camera Controller - Nintendo DS Contoller for Canon SLRs!!!

Where to buy a Chrome Ball?


How many megapixels in the human eye?

Canon Photo Workshop

Shield Zone - Protect your camera's LCD

Maxwell Render (The Light Simulator)

RoundShot 360-HDR Camera


Mega site for VR tools and utilities!!


HDR Related (.PDF) documents:


Debevec Siggraph 98

Image-Based Lighting Sketches

Image-Based Lighting S1

Image-Based Lighting S2

MakeLight White Paper

MakeLight Handbook

Mosaic Tutorial

Photometry and Radiometry FAQ


HDR Imaging (Greg Ward)

XRez (Gigapixel Panoramas + Photography)

809cgi (Stock HDRI)

CGI Backgrounds (Stock HDRI)

Crazy 8 Studio (Brendan Fitzgerald)



mental ray

Los Angeles mental ray Users Group

My mental ray

mental ray HDR Tutorial A

Master Zap

Fundza <mental ray and RenderMan info> (by Professor Malcolm Kesson)


LAMRUG Tutorial

Autodesk Tutorial

i3D Tutorial





VUE 9 (E-On Software)

Vue Training by AsileFX

Vue Tutorials

Vue Forums / Cornicopia

Vue Training on

Vue6 (ESSENTIALS) Training on (First few are free!)

Vue render farm at THE RANCH




DEM Related - (Digital Elevation Model)

USGS DEM Data Site

3DEM application (For converting from GeoTIFF to DEM)




Quicktime VR / HDR / Photography

Kirt Witte's Maya QTVR "Object Movie" camera

Kirt Witte's Maya QTVR Spherical (Cubic) camera

VR magazine

Quicktime VR mailing list

Pony Boy's Mondo QTVR links site

The International VR Photographer's Association

IVPRA list of tools and Utilities


Pano Guide

Autodesk (Stitcher)

PTGui Pro

Pano Tools

Nodal Ninja



Kirt Witte's Personal Website: The Other Savannah




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